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The little secret located on Sydney's northshore is the superb quality honey that comes from the surrounding bushland and gardens. Here at Two creeks Honey we strive to bring to our customers not just honey but something extra. We use our locally produced honey to create fine produce worthy in any artisan store. Honey bees creating an award winning honey.

Liquid Honey

Pure unheated unfiltered liquid gold straight from the hive.

* Flow Hive Honey
* Seasonal Honey
* Honeycomb on request

Creamed Honey

Nothing added, this award winning honey is blended and solidified in the fridge for 4-8 weeks.

* Creamed Honey as a Bar
* Creamed Honey in a Jar

Chocolate Honey Hearts

A unique and decadent sweet with all the goodness of pure creamed honey.

* 5 decadent honey chocolates gift boxed wrapped

Wax & Candles

Candles of all occasions or the absolute pureness of wax that has harvested from wax only used by the bees for honey production, perfect for cosmetics.

* Honey Lip Balm
* Bee Skep Candles
* Scented & Unscented Candles
* Leather Conditioner
* Pure Beeswax available

Who are we?

Two Creeks Honey is a small apiary located in East Lindfield. We are a husband and wife team sharing the responsibilities of the bees and honey production. The native trees and wonderful gardens nearby are a fantastic resource that our bees convert into a unique and flavoursome honey that cannot be found anywhere else. We are very particular about maintaining the health of our hives and the cleanliness of our products. Our hives are inspected and monitored regularly for pests and disease, we never use pesticides or antibiotics to treat our bees. Only stainless steel extraction equipment and food grade storage is used to harvest the honey.

beekeeper at two creeks honey

Lynda is passionate about bees and along with keeping honeybees, she also has a hive or two of Australian Native bees (Tetragonula species). Lynda is the resident artist, marketer, social media expert, honey & chocolate producer. If you need an accurate explanation of the flavour & complexity of honey, Lynda will describe it to you.

beekeeper at two creeks honey

Rod is the chief maintenance guy when not diving into the hives. He is also the Creamed Honey maker, Candle & Wax maker and loves to brew the odd Mead or two. Rod also runs a beekeeping facebook forum and is a mediator for the Australian designed Flow Hive Forum overseeing beekeeping and hive implementations across the globe.

Our Services


Honey Sales

Liquid and Creamed Honey of the highest quality available from the monthly East Lindfield Market or through sales at the door. Larger orders can be delivered within a 5km radius of Lindfield.


Beekeeper Consulting & Swarm Collection

Beekeeping consulting is available upon request and should you find a swarm of bees please get in touch. Bees are a precious resource and can be easily re-homed.


Custom Orders

We are happy to take requests and can work with you on a custom order or that special gift.


Hive Hosting

Our hives are available to be placed on any spare plot of land. Bees don't require much space however there are some risks of people or pets being stung that the owner needs to ba aware of.

Where can you buy Two Creeks products?

That Great Market

That Great Market is a farmers and crafts Market held every 3rd Sunday of the month in the grounds of the East Lindfield Community Hall, 9 Wellington Road Lindfield in Sydney, New South Wales

17 March 2019

21 April 2019

19 May 2019

16 June 2019

21 July 2019

18 August 2019

15 September 2019

20 October 2019

17 November 2019

15 December 2019

Coal loader Artisans Market

The Coal Loader Market is an Artisan and crafts Market held every 3 times a year at The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, 2 Balls Head Drive Waverton New South Wales

26 May 2019

25 August 2019

24 November 2019

Butchers Delight

Butchers Delight 11 Hugh Place East Lindfield in Sydney, New South Wales

Nilgiri's Restaurant - A Feast of India

Nilgiri's Restaurant Shop 3/283 Military Road Cremorne

Outside of the market dates we are happy to sell honey from the door in East Lindfield and custom sales can be arranged via our contact details below.

News and Recipes

Fantastic wins for Two Creeks Honey at the St Ives Show in Sydney

There is a growing trend in beekeeping and this is evident in the number and quality of the honey entries in the shows, this years St Ives Show in May was no exception. We are extremely proud of our efforts and owe a lot of this to the bees and the diverse flora available to them in the Kuringai district of Sydney.

* Champion Exhibitor for the most successful entries in the Honey Competition

* two 1st places for Pure Beeswax Block

* 1st place Traditional Dry Honey Mead

* 1st place Cut Honeycomb

* 1st place Honeycomb and Honey in a Jar

* 2nd and 3rd place Creamed Honey

* 2nd place Natural Honeycomb in a frame

* 2nd place Pure Beeswax Candles

* 2nd & 3rd place Pure Beeswax Moulds

* 2nd place Traditional Sweet Honey Mead

Honey on Display Pure Beeswax Candles Pure Beeswax Honeycomb Honey Awards

Entries and Prizes in the 2018 Hawkesbury Show.

We are very proud to have picked up some wins at this years Hawkesbury Agricultural Show. There was a record number of honey entries with some excellent quality exhibits being entered and displayed. It give us a great thrill to do so well with our Creamed Honey and Wax.

* 1st and 2nd place Creamed Honey

* 1st place Pure Beeswax Block

* 1st place Traditional Dry Honey Mead

* 2nd place Cut Honeycomb

* 3rd place Honeycomb and Honey in a Jar

* 3rd place Pure Beeswax Moulds

Awards Creamed Honey Pure Beeswax Block Pure Beeswax Moulds Honey Wine

In the interests of healthy living, we are producing pure beeswax candles scented & unscented

There is no paraffin(which is petroleum based) or soy(may contain pesticide & herbicide residues from large scale agriculture) or palm wax in our products. Our candles burn with a beautiful golden flame and is said to have an ionising effect to reduce odours, mould and mildew in your home.

Pure Beeswax Candles Pure Beeswax Candles

We always have pure beeswax available for cosmetics and wraps

Anything you need just ask, we produce all our wax by hand according to its placement in the hive. New wax that has only been used for honey is prized for cosmetics and is available upon request. We always keep a small quantity of wax on hand for those special projects you may have in mind.

Pure Beeswax

2017 Champion Candle Maker at the Royal Easter Show

We are very proud to have been awarded first prize in candles and wax moulds by combining different coloured beeswax to create a truly unique candle and group of moulds.

Award Winning Candles Award Winning Wax Moulds

Creamed Honey on Crumpets .... Yum!

What better way to enjoy this old fashioned method to solidify honey.... and no cream was added, just pure honey... Yum!

Creamed Honey on Crumpets

Sydney Royal Easter Show - National Honey Competition

First Prize and a Blue Ribbon at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016

Creamed Honey Sydney Royal Easter Show

Honey and Yoghurt Cake - Easy to make, a joy to eat

This has to be one of the best tasting honey cakes I have ever made, its simply divine.

Honey and Yoghurt Cake

Meet the Two Creeks Beekeepers Article in the Local Market Guide

We recently had a chat with the Local Market Guide and Blog site and explained the beginnings of the Two Creeks honey production in this little unknown gem of a region in the northern suburbs of Sydney. Click on the link below to read the full article.

Market Stall & Honey HeartsTwo Creeks Honey Article

Warm Porridge with Honey

What better way to start a cold winters day than a bowl of steaming oatmeal and a drizzle of liquid honey.

Porridge and Honey

Lynda's Iced Green Tea with Mango and Mint

Ingredients are green tea, mint, mango and Two Creeks Honey blended till smooth with ice. perfect for that hot summers day.

Iced Green Tea

Homemade Ginger Beer

Using freshly grated ginger, yeast, sugar and Two Creeks Honey. This summer spritzer is sure to be real winner.

homemade ginger beer

Why does honey crystallise?

Natural honey will almost always crystallise over time, it is a sign of an unadulterated product. The nectar source that the bees are harvesting is comprised of two main sugars, glucose and fructose. Once the bees have evaporated moisture from the nectar down to less than 18% it is called honey. Glucose naturally forms into crystals when moisture is removed and if the glucose sugar in the honey is higher than the fructose component the honey will crystallise sooner. The process may be slowed by refrigerating your honey, however we suggest that when you observe your honey beginning to go cloudy place in a saucepan of warm water (45C) for 10-15mins until clear.

crystallised honey

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